Unusual yet Helpful Projects Ran by Harvard University

Harvard University

Compared to the other universities in United States of America, Harvard University is the oldest one. John Harvard was a young minister came from Charleston when he became first benefactor of this college. This university was established somewhere in 1636. And in 1638, John Harvard left his own library along with half of his own estate to this institution when he died.

To show our respect to John Harvard, his statue is now being a landmark in front of Harvard’s University Hall. This university has Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study also twelve other schools where students can earn their degree. Over twenty thousand degrees are now open for candidates who want to gain professional degree, graduate degree, and undergraduate degree.

Harvard University’s Incredible Housing Projects

Harvard University is not only providing buildings where students can gather and learn something. This university also has at least two hundred extraordinary projects in order to help financing about seven thousand affordable housings that are located in Cambridge’s and Boston’s neighborhoods. This project is helping not only homeowners but also undergraduates of Harvard and even the homeless around.

  1. Print Shop Project

One of many outstanding projects ran by Harvard is the project that transformed ex industrial site called Print Shop that’s located at Kendall Square’s edge into sustainable and affordable housing unit. The funds provided by Harvard enable the construction financing and reduce the loan costs. This cool project created two dozens of affordable homes in very strategic place.

  1. Church and Rectory Project

Another Harvard’s wonderful project was turning a church complete with its rectory into fourteen condominiums that are totally affordable for households who have low, moderate, and middle income. Reusing old building will retain historic details yet create modern and spacious units. Funds from Harvard decreased financing costs of construction and total costs of the project.

Unique Education Projects of Harvard University

Housing is not the only unusual but useful project Harvard ran. Another project is related to Harvard University’s mission which is to bring teaching, research, and learning to surrounding communities which are including families, children, school, lifelong learners, and teachers. Down below are some of marvelous projects Harvard provided in order to help anyone around Harvard.

  1. Family Education Project

This project is called Mind Matters which is using research child’s early development. The results of the research will then be used to complement families with understandings and practical skills that are all related to whole child’s growth. This project is giving resources to families who have children between three and eight years old, living in Boston and Cambridge.

  1. Lifelong Learning Project

Another project here is called HarvardX. This project is perfect for those who always want to learn but are far away from Harvard’s facilities. There are so many free online courses available in this project. Those who are interested to get verified certificate can receive what they want for small fee. Though the fees required are small, online education Harvard offers is in high quality.