The Good Things of Arizona State University

The Good Things of Arizona State University

Arizona State University is one of the largest state campuses based on their registration interest. The university has ninety thousand students who took the metro class in the fall of 2019. Besides, in the online class there were more than thirty-eight thousand students who followed the learning process. This campus also has the beautiful building for making student feel comfortable to study.

The university has been developed into seventeen colleges, and presents more than one hundred seventy cross-disciplines. This campus also provides three hundred and fifty alternative degrees for undergraduate students, and more than four hundred degrees in the certificate program. The university also has various facilities, and non-academic achievements that must be known.

1. Maroon and gold traditions

Gold is the oldest color and is often associated with this campus. This is because in 1896 the campus was named Tempe Normal School, and this maroon color was added. Gold has the meaning of a promise on this campus, this promise means that every student will get an educational experience, and a valuable learning process.

Gold also signifies sunlight because Arizona is known as a famous place, its presence affects the climate, and economic power. The gold and maroon colors are always used at various times of the match, and are decorated in buildings on holiday days, or other festive events.

2. Research and Institute in Arizona State University

ASU is one of the universities that is successful in providing contributions in the form of research results which later develop into new companies. This university has also produced $ 700 million for external aspect, and making 126 companies that used the innovation ideas from ASU.

ASU also managed to rank second in its achievements that have given birth to a new company. ASU also received an Entrepreneurial University award from the organization that was called as Deshpande Foundation. The award comes from such a philanthropic organizations that always care innovation, and entrepreneurship in the social field.

3. Library

Arizona State University has nine large libraries and is scattered in several places, the library is Hayden, Noble Library, Music and Design Library, Art Library on Tempe campus, Downtown Phoenix campus Library, Fletcher Library on Western campus, Thunderbird Library on Thunderbird campus, Library Ross-Blakely

Law and the Polytechnic Campus Library. In 2013 the library at ASU had 4.5 million volumes which resulted in a good archive system. This library is also the largest research reference site in the United States and Canada. This is because this place fits the criteria set up by the Research Library Association to cover a number of aspects.

4. Admissions

In 2017 the university announced that all applicants had been selected according to established procedures. This procedure is considered to be very selective to produce good quality human resources. The GPA must be above 3.53, and some other supporting scores must be large. In some departments prospective students must be able to read critically, and master math tests.

The explanation above is important information that you must learn before becoming a student at Arizona State University. Get to know the learning facilities and culture so you can be right to choose where to add knowledge.