Take A Glance to the University of Pennsylvania

Take A Glance to the University of Pennsylvania

Upenn or the University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 in Philadelphia. This university became the first to have an undergraduate and graduate degree. At the moment, Upenn has 25,000 students, full time undergraduate, graduate and international students. The student and faculty ratio of only 6: 1 makes this campus convenient for learning.

Scholarships at University of Pennsylvania

  • James W Stoudt Memorial Scholarship

Applications that are in the Penn University Law field can apply for this scholarship. The funding provided is $ 3,000. Documents that need to be submitted are campus financial aid forms, academic transcripts, voter registration and essays. This support prioritizes students with minority conditions based on ethnicity and race.

  • Pennsylvania Society Scholarship

Funded by the Maguire Foundation, undergraduate students in any field may apply for this scholarship. Although partial funding, students will get $ 8,000. The criteria is that students have a GPA of 3.0 or higher during high school and are active in the community. The scholarship prioritizes students with a family income of less than $ 60,000.

  • Perry World House

The campus can fund post-doc degree students through this scholarship. The nature of the scholarship is full funding of $ 53,000, health insurance and plus $ 2,000 for the research grant. Perry World House is also open to international students. Even though they are open to all disciplines, they prioritize students studying demography, governance and technology.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship

Students who will complete a PhD can apply for Postdoctoral Fellowship. In addition to the amount of $ 50,000 per year, candidates also receive travel exposures as well as relocation allowance. Another criterion that must be met is that students participating in their dissertation must not be more than 3 years ago and have not yet completed professional training.

Campus Life

  • Health and Wellness

This service is open to students and staff. There are various services such as emergency, physic service or counseling and dentist. Patients can plan meetings online. Upenn also encouraged everyone to have a better and happier life with gym facilities and special counseling on holistic health.

  • Housing

Support for undergraduate is to provide housing and dining. This facility is temporary and not forced. Students who choose to live on campus can feel comfortable in a good environment. There are residential and security staff who will help in the dorm. There are also dining facilities so that students do not have to buy food off campus.
Students Activity

  • Groups

University of Pennsylvania provides space for students and staff to share through groups and organizations. Each organization will conduct routine events that involve them. This activity is not only related to artistic, but also multicultural, social, and political. One of them is Student Government which involves graduate, graduate and professional.

  • Recreation

The campus facilitates students with various recreational activities and facilities. All Upenn communities have the opportunity to socialize with one another through sportmanship and fair play. There are outdoor adventures, sports clubs and also fitness classes. This program is supported by facilities such as stuido and professional trainers.

Upenn has many partnerships. Some of them are London School and University of Queensland. This allows students to study abroad. Better student experience makes the University of Pennsylvania ranked 6th nationally according to Forbes and ranked 16th globally according to QS.