Studying at University of Virginia

Studying at University of Virginia

UVA or University of Virginia is one of the campuses built by the US president. Founded in 1819, it was created as a public research university from the start. At present, UVA has 121 majors for undergraduate and graduate students. The campus alumni have a lot of influence in the world such as establishing large companies, for example Reddit and CNET.

Scholarships at University of Virginia

  • NextGen Scholarship

NextGen provides $ 1,000 for students from undergraduate and master degrees. There are no specific scientific field criteria, but only second year or higher may apply. In addition to the minimum GPA of 3.0, students must also come from non-US. This award is annual and the period is only one year.

  • W.E.B Du Bois Fellowship

Students in any field of science except health science can apply W.E.B Du Bois fellowship. The scholarship is full funding with a waiver tuition fee, health insurance and $ 19,000 for the stipend. There are GPA criteria which are 3.2 for undergraduate and 3.5 for graduates. Especially for graduate students, they must complete the on-campus application before the scholarship is closed.

  • Post Doctoral Reasearh and Teaching Fellowship

International students and taking African studies are welcome to apply for this scholarship. The award amount is $ 45,000 per year. The main requirement is for students to hold a PhD before the application is closed and the longest in the last 5 years. Students who have received a pre-doctoral scholarship may not apply for this scholarship.

  • Visual Arts Fellowship

Scholarships are funded by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Both the master and bachelor may apply as long as their status is US residents. The scholarship is $ 2,000- $ 8,000 depending on the campus review of the candidate. The submission criteria are value transcripts, artistic statements, and updated CV.

Student’s Facilities Support

  • Housing Option

The campus has housing options for undergraduate, graduate and staff staff. Some of them are Alderman Road Hall, Brown Residential College, and the Gooch / Dillard Style suite. Besides being competitive with off-campus, there are facilities such as dining, assistance, and also the assistance for your pets.

  • Sports

No wonder the university produces many professional athletes. The campus has many complete and good sports and fitness facilities. There are 17 courts, fields and recreation centers for various sports activities. Now, University of Virginia has 27 varsity athletic teams and 27 NCAA national champisonship teams.

Student’s Support

  • Health

Student health is supported by a health center. There are many accesses including medical service, counseling service, psychological service, disability access center and well-being promotion. The health center also serves a variety of student problems including tobacco addiction, unwanted sexual encounters and some disorders.

  • Library

The campus library has been around since 1819. After two centuries, UVA now has 12 large libraries. Not only collecting, UVA is also committed to organizing and preparing various materials in various disciplines. Library access is not only for the UVA community but also for the public. There are 463,000 e-books and 16 millions of archives in the library.

The University of Virginia won various world rankings for several faculties such as law school, medical school, engineering school and business school. According to ARWU, UVA is ranked 59th in the US and 151th in the world. This campus is also known for its diversity and anti-racism. UVA accepts international students from all over the world compared to other campuses.