Studying at Columbia University in The City of New York

Studying at Columbia University in The City of New York

Being the oldest university in NYC, Columbia University in The City of New York now has deveoped into the best and modern campus. Founded in 1754, the campus is growing because of its influence in the world of research. Now, CU has 20 schools with various fields ranging from humanities, health, engineering, and general studies.

Scholarships at Columbia University in The City of New York

  • Upton Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for families who work under the Houghton-Mifflin Company. Their children, along with step-children and adopted, can apply to Upton. Students will receive around $ 1,000 each year. Scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Other requirements only require a letter from the employer.

  • George Ellis Fellowship

For students from Vermont, the chances are big enough to be chosen as an awardee. For undergraduate, students need to submit documents in the form of voter registration or driver license. While postgraduates need to include academic transcripts. The amount of money received will be adjusted to the financial need.

  • Chamberlain Fellowship

Chamberlain provides special scholarships for residents of Iowa. The main criteria are a document in the form of evidence of being a UC student and an agreement to return to Iowa at least 2 years after graduation. Either undergraduate or postgraduate students are welcome to apply. Unfortunately students from the faculties of medicine, dentistry, law and veterinary are prohibited from registering.

  • Vladimir and Olga Poder Fund

Students who can speak Estonian can apply for this scholarship. Every year, Vladimir and Olga Ponder Fund gives $ 2,000 to each student who takes part in the selection. Scholarships are available for both postgraduate and undergraduate studies. Students only need to send a letter to Estonian House in NYC.

Student’s Resources

  • Public safety

If a student experiences an undesirable event such as a criminal around campus, then they can contact public safety. This service has assistance and security escorts to solve this problem. If needed, Columbia University in the City of New York public safety can protect its victims by filing a lawsuit against the perpetrator.

  • Medical service

This service helps students who have health problems. Some of these services include HIV testing, reproductive services, medical assistance and sexual health. The health center is available 24/7 in case of an emergency. Although it is not free, students can use insurance.

  • Counseling and sexual violence response

Counseling support is available for students who have mental problems. Not only short-term, this service is also an on-going service for UC students. In addition, students who experience sexual violence in the campus environment can also report to counseling service. Victims will receive assistance to hospitals and police for reports.

Students’ Organization

CU has more than 500 organizations. Students can share interests and socialize with environments from various backgrounds. The organization is divided into several categories, namely academic, arts, sports, spiritual, cultural, media, and musical. Every year, certain organizations hold events or festivals on and off campus.

Every year, Columbia University in The City of New York welcomes around 30,000 students from various countries and ethnic. The number of postgraduate students is far greater than undergraduate for more research results. With support for its very high students, UC is ranked 6th nationally and 8th globally according to ARWU.