Royal Programs and Life at Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Imperial College London’s focus is only on engineering, science, business, and medicine. The education system in this university is led by research. This college that is located in South Kensington, London has large amounts of the green space which include the Royal Parks named Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Healthy environment is one key that makes this university a better choice.

Another plus point of Imperial is it lets the students to join community where the great researchers are joined. Staff of Imperial won some awards, prestigious Fellowships, and Nobel Prizes which include Academy of Medical Sciences, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society. Those awards show us that Imperial’s people have contributed in respective fields.

Academic Profile of Imperial College London

Ranked as third best college in United Kingdom and Europe after University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, there’s no doubt Imperial College London became a recommended option for your education. In London, Imperial is number one university. This university uses research to leads the entire students. The best academic division in this college is the medicine division.

  1. Admissions

Imperial accepts students at postgraduate level and undergraduate level. Lowest acceptance was the Mechanical Engineering while the highest one is bioengineering. Compared to the other universities in United Kingdom, Imperial is most international one since sixteen percent of its students came from Europe while thirty four percent others are from outside of Europe.

  1. Researches

The staffs at Imperial are encouraged actively to commercialize the research. Effect of this program is the establishment of spin out companies that are all based on the academic research. There’s Imperial Innovations for example, which is dedicated company in technology transfer field. Also, this university has partnership with MIT in United States of America.

  1. Medicine School

Faculty of Medicine at Imperial or Imperial College Healthcare was established through the mergers between the Imperial itself and Royal Postgraduate medical schools. This faculty has teaching hospitals, six units in total. Medicine faculty accepts over three hundred undergraduate students in medical field every year.

Student Life at Imperial College London

Imperial College London provides some student media to support the activities of those studying in this college. First media is the ICRadio that was established in 1975. This radio began broadcasting to student residence from studio that’s located under the Southside in 1976. ICRadio today is broadcasting from the Belt Quad’s West Basement over internet.

There’s also ICTV which is even older than the radio since it established in 1969. This TV station operated from small studio that’s located in Electrical Engineering division. Third media provided by Imperial to students is called Felix Newspaper which is weekly newspaper. Among the other media this one if the oldest since first edition was released in 1949. It has news, comic strips, opinions, and puzzles.

Student societies in Imperial are including Boat Club that established in 1919, Exploration Club founded in 1957 aimed to assist the students who have exploration desire. This club has trips to Alaska, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Himalayas, Fiji, Cameroon, Iran, Morocco, Tanzania, Ukraine, Yukon, Thailand, and Norway. Studying and socializing are more fascinating in Imperial.