On Campus At Purdue University

On Campus At Purdue University-min

In 1869 a businessman named John Purdue donated his money to establish a college. Purdue University was founded in the state of Indiana, West Lafayette. At present there are 200 undergraduate majors, 69 masters and doctoral. Based on QS, Purdue is ranked 111th as a world-class university and at 35based on ARWU ranking.

Financial Aid at Purdue University

  • Trustees Scholarship

Students who have excellent academic achievement and become leaders in certain communities are the main requirements for applying for this scholarship. Trustees give $16,000 for nonresidents and $1,000 for Indiana residents. Scholarships can be extended if students have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Every year, there are 100 students who receive this scholarship.

  • Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship provides opportunities for 830 students each year. For nonresidents, students will get $ 10,000 and Indiana residents only $ 4,000 per year. The main criteria are students with academic achievements and good leadership. If a student has GPA 3.0 or higher, the scholarship can be extended.

  • Marquis scholarship

For Indiana residents with middle-income status, it is permissible to submit a Marquis scholarship. Marquis provides $ 4,000 per year with a capacity of up to 430 students per year. Other criteria that must be met are good leadership skills and academic achievement. Scholarships will continue if GPA drinks its students 2.65.

  • National Merit Scholarship

High school students who become national merit finalists will get a scholarship at Purdue. The scholarship is $ 500 per year. The awarding is not limited to the academic field taken, but only applies to freshmen. As long as students have good academic grades, the scholarship can be extended.

Student’s Supports

  • Tutors

Not all students are easy to understand academically. Those who have this difficulty can ask for the help of tutors on campus. Tutors are available in a variety of fields. This support is available free or paid for a small amount. Tutors are students who also study at Purdue University.

  • Advisor

Each student will have an advisor who will supervise their academics. If any difficulties or achievements are found to decrease, the advisor will help find a way out. All advisers are professionals in their fields. They will also help students prepare for careers after graduation.

  • Academic Success Center

Students can get a variety of learning media support easily and for free. Academic success center is a provider of all lecture material. Not only hand-outs, they can also access videos and get info about the workshop. This facilitates students to explore their academic fields.

Student’s Club

Purdue has 1056 clubs and organizations that operate in many fields. Not only art and sports, the club is also engaged in advocacy, hobbies, media, automotive and etc. The campus wants students with the same interests to gather and share. Every club activity is supported by Purdue by providing facilities such as buildings, rooms, etc.

Purdue University values diversity, opening opportunities for students from more than 100 countries. Campus support also takes the form of scholarships, academic services, and freedom of expression in the form of clubs and organizations. Purdue students are expected to not only have academic achievements, but also have an interest in supporting their social skills.