New York University at A Glance

New York University at A Glance

NYU has a long history and began in 1831. This private university is research based and has research in many countries. Now New York University has 25 schools and 10 of them are undergraduate. The campus with the Bobcat mascot is able to accommodate up to 50,000 students per year.

Scholarships at New York University

  • Families of Freedom

This scholarship is specifically for students who are victims of 9/11, either themselves, couples or parents. Scholarships are valid for up to 4 years on condition that the conditions are in financial difficulty. The number of awards given depends on the student’s condition. If the performance at UNY remains good, the scholarship can be extended.

  • AnBryce Scholarship

AnBryce supports UNY students who take law school. Scholarships are specifically for graduates who have big challenges in financial conditions. Not only giving an amount of money, AnBryce also supports students with mentoring and career support. The preferred student to get a scholarship is first gen who attends the college.

  • Global Pathways Scholarship

Undergraduate students can apply for the Global Pathways Scholarship. This award gives money up to $ 4,000 per semester. They will see financial statement documents submitted by the applicant. The amount of money will be adjusted to the needs of students. The requirement is for students with good achievements and plans to study away.

  • Arch Sholarship

This scholarship prioritizes students who need financial aid. Besides good achievements, the main requirement is to have leadership abilities in the community. Arch not only gives some money but also supports the recipient’s career after graduating in accordance with its potential. Scholarships can be extended for up to 4 years and specifically for under graduate students.

Life Resource

  • Media and Tech

Studying at NYU is supported by a sophisticated IT system. Faculty, students, staff and administrators have the opportunity to enjoy this service. There are facilities such as LaGuardia Studio as a digital media service, tech center for software access, public computing in various locations and NYU printing center.

  • Academic Resources

To support academics, New York University provides a variety of academic resources. Not only are the destruction and learning centers, there are also NYU Classes, scholarship competitions, speaking freely programs, and writing centers. This support prioritizes undergraduate especially for scholarship competitions. They only need to register with the student center.


  • Transportation

There are various transportation centers in NYU that connect to many places such as the Medical Corridor, Washington Square Campus and Brooklyn Campus. There is a shuttle bus that runs from 7am to midnight and a safe ride for overnight service. Access uses the SAFE NYU and Passio Go apps! For tracking the bus.

  • Student Health Center

Health centers not only help medical services for 24 hours, but there are also many health programs. The payment system has been covered by student insurance. Students are automatically registered for insurance when they enter NYU. Besides medical, there is also counseling service and wellness. For short-term counseling and wellness are free of charge.

New York University is known worldwide as the campus that contributes the best alumni to accounting and finance. Based on ARWU, NYU is ranked 22nd nationally and 30th for the global level. The best school is medicine which is ranked 4th and law is ranked 6th according to US News and World Report Rank.