Learning Best At University of California Los Angeles

Learning Best At University of California Los Angeles

Before turning into a university, UCLA or the University of California Los Angeles was the Southern Branch of University of California. Founded in 1882, this campus is the oldest campus in Southern California. There are 337 programs for both undergraduate and undergraduate programs. Each year, the campus accommodates up to 45,000 students.

The scholarships University of California Los Angeles

  • UCLA Achievement Scholarship

Scholarships are only valid for freshmen chosen by undergraduate admissions. Awards will be given based on student needs, ranging from $ 500 to $ 10,000 per year. Students with US citizen status must submit FAFSA. This scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years provided the status of the student requires financial aid and academic achievement.

  • UCLA Regents Scholarship

UCLA Regents gives opportunities for up to 100 students to get this scholarship. The main requirements are undergraduate students who have academic achievements and leadership abilities. Financial aid provided is $ 2,000 per year with a minimum GPA 3.0 requirement. If a student moves to another university, the scholarship will be terminated.

  • UCLA Freshman Alumni Scholarship

The scholarship selection was conducted by UCLA alumni. They will review top students who are officially students, then choose those who have financial problems. Every year, students receive up to $ 6,000 for 4 years. Another advantage of this scholarship is networking with alumni and getting student mentoring.

  • Chancellor Blue and Gold Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for undergraduate students who are freshmen at UCLA. Awardee will receive around $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 and is open to 305 students. Only students with outstanding achievements can receive the Blue and Gold Chancellor. This scholarship has a period of up to four years.

Students Supports

  • Housing

Housing facilities give priority to veterans, student athletes and former foster youth. For students who are not with institutional need, the undergraduate will take precedence. Freshman requires adaptation to the campus environment so they will take precedence. University of California Los Angeles also has the best dining service facilities in the US and is available at every resident.

  • Loan Service

Students who find it difficult to get a scholarship because the criteria are not met can use loan services. This service is only limited to covering tuition fees and health professionals. There are two system choices namely short-term and long-termloan. This system is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Student’s Involvement

  • Recreation

There are many options for facilities and recreational activities at UCLA. This service is open to all UCLA communities. Not only fun activities, but also good facilities. There is a fitness center for wellness program, challenge course for adventure, drake stadium, intramural field, court, rock wall and sunset canyon recreation. Students must reserve before using it.

  • Studet Organization

Students can take roles in certain clubs, organizations and communities. UCLA has more than 1000 groups with a variety of activities, cultures and ethnicities. Students can influence the community in various fields. In addition, there are many opportunities to compete while developing themselves.

At present, the University of California Los Angeles bears various names. He is considered one of the best universities in the United States because of his good educational system and has students who play an active role. According to ARWU, the campus is ranked 9th nationally and 11th globally. Some of the best departments are clinical psychology, fine arts and medical schools.