Learn to The Fullest At University of Southern California

Learn to The Fullest At University of Southern California

Los Angeles has the oldest private university, the University of Southern California. It was established in 1880. From the beginning, the campus was based on research, especially sea and space grants. At present the campus has 20,000 staff and 45,000 students. In particular, USC has played a large role in the LA economy in the private sector.

Scholarships at the University of Southern California

  • Unihealth Foundation Medical Scholarship

Current students who want a scholarship can apply to the Unihealth Foundation. However, students in the department of medicineonly that can apply. The criterion is that the applicant is committed to providing services in the under-served community. This scholarship is based on financial need. Scholarships are open to third and fourth year students in USC.

  • Nathaniel Rosen String Prize

This scholarship is valid for students who take part in the summer program. The selection was decided by the strings department. The scholarship value reaches $ 5,000 per year. Only students at the third or junior level can apply for this scholarship and there are no specific criteria. But students will face interviews.

  • Geodesign Fellows Program

This scholarship is in the form of giving some money to join the Geodesign Fellow Program. Sophomore or junior students can join this program. Geodeign Fellows chose 3 candidates to make solutions in the community together with experts and stakeholders. Applicants need to submit a resume or CV, telling the skills and interests, also the course plan. The scholarship is $ 11,000.

Students Activities

  • Volunteer center

This volunteer activity focuses on promoting USC services both in Los Angeles and other areas. All of these activities are carried out by students on winter or spring break. Other volunteer activities are called Friends and Neighbors Day. Students and residential education will go to the community to have a positive impact.

  • Organizations

University of Southern California has more than 1000 clubs. Every year, each club holds an event both on and off campus. Some of the events are festivals, workshops, social events, concerts, conferences and lectures. Not only students, organizations also play a role in society at large both in LA and in other states.

Students Services

  • Residential Education

One of the services at USC is residential education. Students who choose to live in a residential college will have a unique experience. They will learn to share with students from all over the world. In addition to improving academics with friends, residential colleges also guide students to become leaders and engage in various events on campus.

  • Student Basic Need

The basic needs of students consist of 3 types namely financial, food, and housing. The campus provides a basic student need center for complaints. If a student is in an insecurity condition in these 3 matters, they can make a report. Resources staff will help students get out of their difficulties.

Campus support for students is evidenced by the best education system and facilities. There is a 24-hour library and also basic student needs so they have no reason to stop at the University of Southern California. Currently, the campus is 32nd in the US and 55th in the world according to ARWU.