Incredible Programs Provided by National University of Singapore (NUS)

National University of Singapore

In 1905, National University of Singapore (NUS) was just medical school that’s modest with only twenty three students. The founder of this university was businessmen group with Tan Kim as the leader. The aim of this school was to serve local community needs. Name of this university was Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School.

In 1913, the name of this school changed to King Edward VII Medical School, it became first higher learning institution in Singapore. Then in 1921, Medical School status was elevated became King Edward VII College of Medicine. In 1928 Raffles College established in order to education in sciences and arts. In 1949 Raffles College and King Edward VII College of Medicine were merged.

Programs Offered by National University of Singapore (NUS)

National University of Singapore (NUS) believes that research and knowledge are necessary to improve our lives. NUS empower the students by pioneering most innovative programs which include the undergraduate program and graduate program. There’s also scholarship program for students who have magnificent academic achievements, special talents, and leadership qualities.

  1. Undergraduate Program

In this program, NUS offers some special programs to the undergraduate students that are including Student Exchange Program, NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC), University Scholars Program, University Town College Program (UTCP), and Ridge View Residential College (RVRC).

  1. Graduate Program

Graduate programs provided by NUS come in wide range including Graduate Diploma programs, Master’s degrees program, and Doctoral degrees program. For potential students from the other countries, NUS has Office of Student Affairs which is going to help international students adapting with new environment by providing series of some activities that lead students to adapt better.

  1. Executive Education Program

This program has nine different faculties including law, public policy, engineering, public health, systems science, business, advanced computing for executive or strategic technology management institute, center for health informatics, and continuing and lifelong education.

  1. Student Support and Resources

To support all students in enjoying their education, NUS provides libraries, instructional technology, student affairs, development of teaching and learning, computer center, office of financial services and the other supports.

Global Programs of National University of Singapore (NUS)

National University of Singapore (NUS) Global Program includes global education, global research, and global enterprise that are all supported by global relations office. About the global education, NUS has seventeen schools and faculties with two thousand modules for each semester. Undergraduates of this program can join study abroad programs at three hundred universities in fifty different countries.

Global research allows NUS students to do some researches in some key areas which include ageing, Asian studies, biomedical science and translation medicine, finance and risk management, integrative sustainability solutions, material science, maritime, and smart nation. In 2007, the RCE (Research Centers of Excellence) founded by Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation.

Global enterprise of NUS is including NUS Overseas Colleges, NUS Enterprise Summer Program, InnovFest unbound, Industry Partnerships with MNCs, Social Venture Lab @NUS, and Research Projects. NUS were and still are exceptional university in Asia you can trust for its excellent facilities and programs.