Get The Degree from the University of Maryland

Get The Degree from the University of Maryland-min

UMD or University of Maryland is one of the universities in the state of Maryland, USA. Initially, this campus was the Maryland Agriculture College which was founded in 1856. After turning into a university, UMD was committed to maintaining diversity. That’s why the program is made diverse, opening opportunities for international students and scholarships.

Scholarship at the University of Maryland

  • USAC Scholarship

The amount of money to be received will be different, depending on the program being taken. Short term programs receive $1,000, semester programs receive $1,500 and $2,000 for full year. The main requirements for applying for the USAC Scholarship are for undergraduate students to complete files on the studentAid or FAFSA website, and have an approval document from the university.

  • SIT Study Scholarship

This scholarship sets the main requirement that the recipient must be the first generation to be a college student. Second, students come from families who are struggling financially. SIT gives around $3,000 per semester. Scholarships are only valid if the student is from a non-European country.

  • NIAF Pellegri Program

Scholarships are only valid for the summer or winter program. The selection consists of two procedures, namely merit-based award or need-based award. If students want to go through the merit-based award pathway, then the GPA in the last semester is 3.5. Both procedures also only apply to undergraduate students.

  • Gilman International

Students will receive up to $5,000 if applying for a scholarship. However, giving is only if students are willing to exchange off campus. The main requirements are undergraduate students, and are willing to exchange students for 21 days in the designated country. Submission is done by submitting documents through the National Scholarship Office.

Student’s Benefit

  • Free Counseling

This service is not only for University of Maryland staff, but also students. Students can come to the campus conseling center. Besides being free, patient data is also confident. Psychologists not only accept mental-related problems during their studies, but also career development, certain access needs, and mentoring of students with disabilities.

  • Cheap Health Insurance

All Maryland students who take more than 6 credit must have health insurance. Undergraduate students who register at UMD will automatically have this insurance. The purpose of insurance is to cover medical bills so that study is not interrupted only to pay bills. Although cheap, insurance is at the platinum level.
Special Facilities

MDU has an arboretum which is also a center for restoration projects. In science and engineering field, the campus has a research center facility namely Biomedical Engineering Education and Brendan Iribe Center. Other facilities are transportation facilities which are named purple line. Purple line connects New Carrolton to Bathesda.

UMD has around 800 clubs or organizations / students can join according to their interests or ideals. Not only sub-clubs related to sports and arts, UMD has clubs that deal with advocacy, culture, media, politics, spiritual, and etc. Some examples of clubs are acClimate, Alexander Hamilton Society, and AIESEC.

In accordance with its motto, “A globally Connected University”, the University of Maryland accepts students with many backgrounds. Its mission is to promise to be an institution that is disciplined, collaborative and develops transparently. In the USA, UMD was ranked 48th while the world ranked 152th.