Get More About Penn State University

Get More About Penn State University

The Pennsylvania State or Penn State University is a large campus that was founded in 1855. Although initially as Farmer’s High School, the university is now developing as a place for research in various fields. Penn State has 24 campuses across the state and 160 majors. This university is famous because it has had an extraordinary economic impact for the US.

Penn State University Scholarships

  • Bunton Waller scholarship

This scholarship prioritizes students who have financial difficulties. Bunton Waller annually gives $ 3,200 for an awardee up to a 4-year period. In order for students to be able to renew scholarships, it is necessary to maintain a minimum GPA accumulation of 2.5. The main requirement is only to submit documents to FAFSA before the specified date.

  • Renaissance Scholarship

Students with good academic grades can apply for this scholarship. Renaissance scholarship gives $ 1,500 to students who have financial difficulties. The requirements are full-time undergraduate students with GPA 3.0. They can provide scholarships for up to 4 years as long as students can maintain their achievements at PSU.

  • Trustee Scholarship

A Trustee is a scholarship funded by a donor. Campus will provide scholarships to outstanding students who have financial problems. Trustees give around $ 2,000- $ 3,000 annually, depending on the amount of funds available. Only undergraduate students with full time status can apply for this scholarship.

  • PSU Alumni Association Chapters

Alumni from PSU give awards to full time students who are taking undergraduate degrees. Granting scholarships is only 1-2 semesters for each student. The sum of money will vary, depending on the funds collected from alumni ties and the number of recipients. Every year, this scholarship is always open and open to all students.

Student’s Life

  • Housing

Students can live in a dormitory that is in a can. The hostel becomes a comfortable place and supports the atmosphere of student learning. Penn State University has 12 dormitories with the condition that students are unmarried. Campus guarantees safety because there is a security officer. Students can also pay more for dining service than the dormitory they live in.

  • Academic Support

The campus provides tutoring or study groups to help students get good achievements. This service is called Penn State Learning and can be enjoyed for free. Learning facilities are also supported by various training, technology-based learning media, and various production tools for various college assignments.

  • Counseling

The campus wants a comfortable atmosphere for all students. Those with mental health problems can come to the counseling service. This service is available on all Pen State campuses. Student personal data is confident and handled by professionals. Students do not need to pay for this service and are on-going examination.

Clubs and Organization

The unique thing about Penn State is that it has an organizational cub on every campus. Clubs are not only about art, music or sports but also certain student associations. For example students from Asia take shelter in the Asian Student Association. Other organizations include the Black Student Union, the Cyber Defense Club, and Sister2sister.

Penn State University nationally ranked 44th and ranked 98th globally according to ARWU. There are around more than 500,000 PennState alumni spread throughout the world. Alumni groups networked and made financial support and donated it to extracurricular programs at the university.