Get Higher Education at University of Minnesota

Get Higher Education at University of Minnesota

One of the largest US universities is the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. This public university was established in 1851. The campus can accommodate up to 50,000 students from states and internationally. Not only the education system, UM also prioritizes the outreach of the need and research activities.

The Scholarship at University of Minnesota

  • Maroon and Gold Leadership Award

This scholarship provides a sizeable amount of $ 12,000 per year. The main requirement is that students must be part of the MN Dream Act. In addition, students must also excel by making the top 3% in class. Extension of scholarships can be done by meeting these criteria.

  • Gold Schola rAward

Although prioritizing national merit finalists, students outside the finalists can also apply for this scholarship. The requirement is to make Minnesota University your first choice when applying to college. The amount of money received varies, but the amount is up to $ 10,000 per year. Gold scholar provides scholarships with a period of 4 years per student.

  • Minnesota Academic Excellence Scholarship

Submitting scholarships is much easier because MAES prioritizes students who have talents outside of academics. If students are interested in creative writing in English, social studies, foreign languages and fine arts are allowed to apply for scholarships. Other requirements are students who are members of the MN Dream Act. Each year, the recipient gets $ 6,500 per year.

  • National scholarship

Students from outside of Minnesota are invited to apply for this scholarship. The origin of students is the main criterion because many scholarships only prioritize Minnesota residents. The number of scholarship recipients depends on the participant and the needs of the recipient. Every year there are those who receive from $ 2,500 to $ 15,000 per year for 4 years.

Student’s Benefit

  • University Housing

Live on campus is possible. Students can have a dormitory complex that is on campus. Of course students can save on bill fees and travel time every day. Housing is supported by excellent security from the officer. You can study safely, make more friends, and have better academic grades because you have study partners.

  • Recreation

In order not to get bored with college activities, University of Minnesota has an outdoor recreation, fitness program and sports club for students. The campus encourages students to have a lot of experience outside the campus for their mental health while studying on campus. Certain facilities such as a fitness center require membership.

  • Shuttles

This campus has a large place. Student travel requires a lot of time. If you don’t have a vehicle, students can enjoy the free shuttle for commuters around the campus. Another option is a car-sharing program. The campus supports the use of cars, buses, trains, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Employment For Student

One of the interesting things on this campus is the opening of employment for students. They can register in accordance with their fields or specific skills needed by the university. Minnesota guarantees competitive pay, life insurance, tuition benefits and certain programs for employees.

The University of Minnesota dedication in the field of research is evidenced by 26 Nobel Prizes and alumni who were US Vice Presidents. Since its establishment, the campus contributed many inventions such as Calvin cycles, infusion ports, and the world wide web. In the US, this university ranks 27th according to ARWU. While in the world, the university is in the 156th position according to QS.