Find Your Interest at Carnegie Mellon University

Find Your Interest at Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania has a public research university named Carnegie Mellon University. Initially, this campus was a technical school that developed to become an institute of technology. In 1912, the campus began to have an undergraduate program. Now CMU is a thriving campus in the world with 20 research partnerships around the world.

The scholarshipsat Carnegie Mellon University

  • CMU Australia for International Students

This scholarship offer applies to degree masters at Carnegie Mellon. Scholarships are also open to students from outside the US such as Asia, Africa and South America. Its value is in the range of $ 15,000 – $ 20,000 AUD. The field of science applies to all subjects. However, applicants may not be receiving other scholarships from universities or the government.

  • CMU Presidential Scholarship

Applicants who apply for this scholarship must meet the criteria including a bachelor degree, US citizens, completed FAFSA, and being in a difficult financial condition. Opening scholarships is usually every semester. This scholarship does not only provide stipulations but also tuition and review. Scholarship value will be adjusted based on student needs.

  • Carnegie Scholarship

Carnegie is a scholarship sponsored by the campus. The selection of candidates is based on financial conditions at the middle income level, talented student both academically and artistically. Special scholarship for first year undergraduate and US citizen. The scholarship value is partial funding and adjusted to the candidate’s needs.

  • CMU Academic Merit scholarship

Students who want partial tuition covered can choose this scholarship. Only undergraduate and freshman may submit it. Unlike other merit scholarships, this scholarship opens opportunities for students from all over the country. The main criteria are good academic records during high school and outgoing personality.

Student’s Life

  • Residential Life

Coming alone to Carnegie Mellon University alone was the experience of many students. Therefore, the campus prepares on-campus housing for them. With an affordable price, students can learn to adapt and learn more focus. This system is also equipped with assistance for cleanliness, security and residence staff 24/7.

  • Health Service

The culture of healthy living is one of the missions of every campus. Student’s Health Service provides access to health as students and patients. The clinic is always open during business operation hours and emergency care is open 24 hours. This service is confident and is handled by professionals.

Students Serve

Building networks and communities is a commitment of Carnegie Mellon. The campus holds a number of programs such as community service, educational outreach, and student governance.The students from undergraduate and graduate will get involved. This program is not only for the US but also other countries, especially developing countries.

Students Achieve

Student achievement during college is also a concern for the campus. They encourage their students to develop through various programs. These programs include career preparation, internships, leadership development, and workshop series. The skill is expected to be a foundation to face life after graduation.

Among the many universities in the US, Carnegie Mellon University accommodates students in a small number of 15,000 people. Campus alumni from 117 countries have contributed at least 20 Nobel laureates. In the US, CMU is ranked 41 according to ARWU. While its position in the world, CMU is in position 51 according to QS.