Find the Fun Learning at Boston University

Find the Fun Learning at Boston University-min

The campus with the motto “Learning, Virtue, Piety” is located in Massachusetts, USA. Initially, Boston University was affiliated with the United Methodist Church before becoming a nonsectarian. Now, BU has more than 300 study programs with an average number of 27 students per class. Campus prioritizes research even for undergraduate students.

Boston University Scholarship

  • Trustee Scholarship

Boston party will choose students who have GPA 4.0 and become stars in their class while in high school. When registering for undergraduate, they can include this scholarship application. Only 20 students are selected for each new student opening. Boston will provide a free tuition fee in full and is updated annually.

  • Presidential Scholarship

For prospective students who have perfect academic grades during high school, they can apply for a presidential scholarship. Not only has influence in the classroom, students also have influence in society. This scholarship will provide around $25,000 per year and can be renewed. Students do not need to write essays, but submit application only.

  • National Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for high school students who are not only champions in schools, but also become national merit finalists. If they choose BU as a place to study, they will receive around $ 25,000 per year. However, they must make BU the first college choice. Submitting scholarships requires proof that they are national merit finalists.

  • College of Engineering First Scholarship

If a student has attended the FIRST robotic program during high school, it is permissible to apply for this scholarship. Students will get $ 25,000 per year. The main requirement is that they must be willing to participate in the research program for 10 hours per week. Students who get a GPA 3.40 during undegrassion will receive a master’s scholarship.

Student Activities

  • Groups

BU has more than 450 groups with diverse background interests. If students don’t find clubs that don’t match their interests, they can create their own organization under the name of the campus. Some of these groups are anime clubs, knitting clubs, outing clubs, film societies and women engineers.

  • Community service

Students who have a high social spirit can take part in a community service that has been around for a long time. Some of its activities are being a sibling to a needy kid, English for immigrant tutoring, education of HIV / AIDS and planting for urban gardens. This project also involves volunteers from outside the campus. In fact, this activity is the largest in Boston.

Student Services

  • Campus Service

Service is an advantage of Boston University. The campus has a disability service in the form of assistance. Student health is also important so that they can rely on student health centers in the campus area. International students can report complaints to special services namely International Students and Scholars.

  • Career Service

Before graduating from university, students can be counseled to the career service department. Students can get advice from advisors such as laws, employee health, and counseling about suitable jobs according to career fields. Students who want to while working on campus can go to employment office.

Boston University is ranked 44th as the top university in the USA. The education system prioritizes students with a student and faculty ratio of 10: 1. Boston usually guides students to complete internships in accordance with their academic fields. That is why, Boston easily find work in less than 6 months.