Fantastic Lives in UCL (University College London)

University College London

Founded on February 11th, 1826 the name of UCL was London University. This university was secular alternative for those who don’t want to study in universities that are strictly religious such as Cambridge and Oxford. In 1836, London University changed its name to University College London. In 1871, Slade School of Fine Art was added to UCL.

Then in 1959 Institute of Jewish Studies moved to UCL. And in 1967, UCL got its Mullard Space Science Laboratory. In 1878, UCL admit that women and men are on same terms. Yet, the common room of college’s senior named Housman Room only belonged to men until 1969. In 1986, the merger happened between UCL and Institute of Archaeology. Another merger happened in 1988 with some other institutes.

Student Life in UCL (University College London)

UCL (University College London) has huge amounts of students, either undergraduate or postgraduate. Most students are studying full time while small amounts of them are studying part time. Female students are much more than the male ones. Students of UCL came from European Union, America, Middle East, Africa, and Australasia. They all need fun student life between their education lives.

  1. UCL Union

This union established in 1893 and included in oldest unions in United Kingdom. UCL Union is great in operating as representative voice belongs to UCL students also as provider of assorted services. Moreover, this union is responsible for organizations of many events that re including the annual summer ball held by the college. A hundred and fifty clubs are overseen by this union.

  1. Sports

Sports not only help students stay healthy but also media for them to socialize and have some fun with others. More than fifty sports clubs are overseen by UCL Union which includes Cricket Club, Boat Club, Cross Country and Athletics Club, Rugby Club. UCL has some sports facilities that include fitness center located at main campus of UCL in Bloomsbury.

  1. Student Housing

UCL provides university accommodations for the undergraduate students and overseas postgraduate students during the first year. Most undergraduate and graduate students find accommodations in their own way for the second year and third year. Graduate students are allowed to apply for university accommodation but the available places usually are limited.

  1. Student Campaigns

UCL has student campaigns that are including UCLU Free Education Campaign designed to campaign for return of non-marketed and free higher education, London Living Wage Campaign for All staff’s minimum wage, Save UCL which opposed the merger between Imperial College London and UCL in 2006.

Commercial Activities at UCL (University College London)

Commercial activities happen in UCL (University College London) generated significant revenues. The main commercial activities are including UCL Business which is company of technology transfer owned by UCL. This company has three activities including licensing technologies, project management, and creating spin out companies. There’s also UCL Consultants.

UCL Consultants are company providing services in academic consultancy. This commercial activity offers academic consultancy, expert witness, training and short courses, also testing and analysis. The other commercial activities include UCL Press that is university press.