Exploring University of California Berkeley

Exploring University of California Berkeley-min

UC Berkeley or the University of California Berkeley was established in 1868 with the motto “Let There Be Light”. Its contribution to the world was quite influential such as the depth of science quake in 1887, nutrition science in 1895 and deep seadiving in 1924. The campus has earned about 107 Nobel prizes and was ranked 4th by ARWU.

University of California Berkeley Scholarships

  • Regent’s and Chancellor’s

Each year, Regent’s and Chancellor’s chooses around 200 students from UC Berkeley. Not only did they get $1,000 in support, they also provided academic mentors and guaranteed housing. This scholarship is also open to undergraduate freshmen. The selection is only based on a review from the academic senate committee to choose the best application.

  • Middle-class Scholarship

This scholarship program is sponsored by the governor of California. The aim is to help middle-class students take higher and more affordable education. The main requirements are a family asset of less than $184,000 and students have a good GPA. The amount of money that will be obtained will be based on the level of financial family.

  • Fiat Lux Scholarship

This scholarship is made specifically for children who study in rural areas, both US citizens and non-citizens. The requirement is that they score achievements and become role models during high school. The number of scholarships is adjusted to the needs. In addition, students will get faculty mentors and financial aid. Fiat Lux Scholarship is only open to freshmen at undergraduate level.

Student’s Special Service

  • Survivor support

This service is specifically for people who experience sexual violence and sexual harassment. They can get help in the form of emotional support, medical care and file a report. The campus also supports victims with anonymous and confident reports. This support is a form that UC Berkeley helped prevent the occurrence of violence and harassment in the campus environment.

  • University Health Services

Health care that can be obtained by UC Berkeley students is medical and counseling. Medical care is not only in the form of primary care, but also urgent care, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, physical therapy, and some advice. While mental-related issues, students can come to the counseling section.

  • UC Police

The campus security and safety system is protected by UCPD or the University of California Berkeley Police Department. This service is a campus commitment in maintaining a comfortable environment for students and staff. In addition to reducing crime rates, they will also increase trust in the community.

Student’s Organization

The campus only has a few student organizations. Some of them are Art Studio, Alumni Association, Cal Rec Sports, Cal Spirit Groups, Choral Ensembles, Students Musical and LEAD Center. Each organization has an important role in honing the ability of students both in terms of interest and spirituality.

Besides its contribution in the field of science with a lot of research, University of California Berkeley is also a lively campus. Every year, many sporting, arts and festival events are held and become major events in California. Not only scientists, the best campus in the USA also produces many activists who are active in advocacy activities.