Explore The Ways to Join the University of Washington

Explore The Ways to Join the University of Washington-min

Built in 1861, University of Washington is a public research campus in Seattle. UW is famous for its support for students in the form of 26 large libraries, museums, labs, stadiums, and support centers. Now UW has 140 departments ranging from science, engineering, environment, and various countries studies.

Scholarships at University of Washington

  • Leadership 1000 scholarship

This scholarship is open to undergraduate students. Students who officially get it, can renew every year. The amount of money given is around $ 5,000. The main requirement is that students come from middle-class circles, have GPA 2.5, and have full-time student status. Before submitting, students need to fill in the form at FAFSA.

  • NASA Education Fellowship

For students who are interested in continuing their master’s degree in fields related to NASA, they can apply for this scholarship. The criteria is that students need to submit a proposal research to NASA, become undergraduate students at a US university, and GPA 3.0. NASA Education does not limit the age of students in this submission.

  • Diversity Abroad Scholarship

Since 2006, this scholarship provides an opportunity for Washington students to develop better. The main criteria for proposing it are students with financial difficulties, the first generation to go to college, and preferably have disabilities. Diversity Abroad does not look at background and ethnicity. International students may apply.

  • Edward Quammen Scholarship

Edward Quammen provides scholarships to students interested in finance, international business and economics. The main requirements are full-time undergraduate or graduate student status at UW. Scholarships will be given to students in an amount according to their needs. To maintain this, the GPA must be 3.0 or higher.

Student’s Facilities

  • Housing and Dining

Husky Home is an on-campus housing service for students who want to live on campus. The environment supports students to focus on learning because they live with friends and a dining service is provided. The campus provides a variety of exciting activities so students can relax. Students will also be educated to be leaders in the community.

  • Counseling Service

This counseling service can be enjoyed by students both individually and in groups. The therapist guarantees that all data is confidential. Featured services include video visits, text the therapist, meet the staff and also career support. Students enrolled at University of Washington can use counseling service to determine career goals according to their academic and interests.

  • Medical and Dental

UW has a health center to support the well-being of all students and staff. Each campus has a health center consisting of several services. The services are dental care, immunization, lab and radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and travel health. The health center also serves after hours options.


UW is famous for its worldwide student organizations. Its organizational network is the largest in the world to date. The organization is not only related to academics, but also interests. Some of the best known organizations in the world are The Dream Project, Husky Global Affairs, and The Rural health Education.

Nationally, University of Washington is ranked 12. While in the global ranking according to ARWU is 14. Admission of students is quite tight by looking at the academic capacity of students, track records in the community, and recommendation letters. Every year, UW receives around 40,000 students. Not only from the State, UW is also open to international students.