Considering to Study at the University of Michigan

Considering to Study at the University of Michigan

Establised in 1817, University of Michigan is the oldest in Michigan. The campus expansion is large enough to have a central and regional campus. The campus is famous for its research activities so it is named doctoral universities. UMich has the most alumni in the world with 540,000 people.

University of Michigan Scholarships

  • Ross Memorial Scholarship

Students who are officially registered in Michigan as undergraduate can apply for this scholarship. They will receive $ 10,000 which will be paid directly to the university. The criteria are not limited by race, religion, and national origin. The main requirement is to send an essay about plans after graduating from university.

  • Chevy Excellence

This automotive company gave $ 1,000 to the selected awardee. The criteria are undergraduate students with cumulative GPA 3.3 or higher and have been accepted by MU. Students need to send letters of recommendation from campus or high school. It would be better if the document is equipped with letters of recommendation for other skill abilities such as music or art.

  • Golden Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is open to undergraduate or maupu masters in various academic fields. The main requirements are students with excellent achievement but have financial difficulties. GPA accumulation must be 3.0 from 4.0 scale. The amount of money received will be adjusted to the financial needs of students.

  • Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship

Harriet Scholarship provides scholarships for female students who are pursuing undergraduate courses at US universities, including Michigan. The selection is based on a minimum of GPA 3.7, SAT 1900 and ACT 27. The application needs to submit documents including a letter of recommendation from campus. This scholarship provides $ 10,000 per academic year.

Student’s Benefit

  • Housing

Students who are not from the state can register to stay on-campus. University of Michigan has many buildings for student housing at an affordable price compared to off-campus. Facilities include security by security officers, full health services, and residential staff. Because of the limited number, not all students can enjoy housing services.

  • First Generation Service

If a student is a first gen, then the campus will be more special for them. There are many programs for self-development such as project who is assisted by the mentors. The first gen program is expected to be able to open the doors of the next first gen for college attendees and change their families for the better.

  • Health Service

Student health becomes important for the university. They have a health center or UHS which is only opened in business hours. Some of the reasons are medical care, immunization, eye care and health record. The UHS can issue a health record document that can be used for travel abroad and applying for scholarships.

Student’s Development

Campus support for student development is free to join the organization. MU has more than 500 organizations that maintain diversity. Students can gather according to skill or interest. Some well-known organizations are + Positive leadeship, Qingyun Chinese Music, and 1team Coding.

The science and profession-based campus is ranked 20th nationally according to Forbes and ranked 20th in the world according to QS ranking. The University of Michigan opens opportunities for students from various countries to study. Those who excel will get “high distinction” status from the university.