Be the Part of Uiversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Be the Part of Uiversity of Wisconsin-Madison

UW-Madison also known as University of Wisconsin-Madison is the oldest university in the State which was founded in 1848. The current student capacity is up to 45,000 people, more than half of whom are undergraduate students. At present the university has many academic programs. There are 136 undergraduates, 148 masters and 120 doctoral.

Scholarships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • The Minnesota Pork Board

Students who have died in agriculture, engineering, animal science, and nutrition in Wisconsin-Madison can apply for this scholarship. The Minnesota Pork Board provides $ 1,000 scholarships annually. The main criteria are Minnesota residents, interested in the pork industry and, undergraduate students. They must make an essay about the future pork industry as a condition.

  • Freshman Academic Award

This award is open to 150 engineering students who excel every year. The amount of money a student receives will depend on the results of the review, with a range of $ 1,000- $ 3,000. But when registering at Wisconsin-Madison, they must make engineering their first choice. Only undergraduate in the first year of college can submit this award.

  • Goldwater scholarship

Every year, Goldwater gives around 450 scholarships. The main criteria are undergraduate students who plan to continue MD or PhD, full-time undergraduate, GPA 3.8 or higher and US citizen. Only students in the fields of material, engineering and natural science can apply. They will receive a scholarship with a total of $ 7,500.

  • Bascom Hill Scholarship

Bacom Hill Society has long given scholarships to Wisconsin students. They will get full tuition, books, and room. The main criteria are students with outstanding achievements, having leadership abilities, and experiencing financial difficulties. Scholarships are only valid for undergraduate with a GPA 3.2 or higher.

Privilege at Campus

  • Students Jobs

Various staff positions at University of Wisconsin-Madison can be filled by students with certain criteria. However students are only part-time status so that they do not interfere with their learning activities. This opportunity is considered to be able to help students who come from middle class. The selection remains based on their abilities and experience in the desired position.

  • Health Center

Madison supports the health of its students by providing health services. Not only medical services, but there are counseling sessions handled by professionals. Out of operation hours, the health center serves emergency cases such as sexual assault, post exposure prevention, and emergency room is always 24 hour available.

  • Housing

The campus has several residence halls for undergraduate students and some apartment for PhD candidates. Live on campus is a program for students who want to live in a controlled environment. In addition to maintaining cleanliness and safety, students can learn more focus. Residence has learning communities to help the learning process.

  • Get Involved at Campus

Madison not only provides the best education system, but also exciting student life. There are various activities that students can choose from. There is The Wisconsin Union which is a student association from Wisconsin, art on campus to share interests of art, and student organizations to support the development of well-being.

University of Wisconsin-Madison is known as a campus that prints world CEOs. Many students have status as employers in the State and affect the US economy. Famous alumni include Elmer McCollum, the inventor of vitamins A, B, D. Laurel Clark who is a NASA astronaut, and JJ Watt who is a national football league member.