A Sneak Peek of The Ohio State University

A Sneak Peek of The Ohio State University-min

Founded in 1870, The Ohio State University is now one of the largest campus in the US. Starting from the agricultural and mechanical college, OSU has now turned into a campus with a comprehensive research center. Besides excellent facilities, students get qualified services. OSU also prepared scholarships for hundreds of awardees as financial aid.s

The Scholarships

  • NSEP Boren Award

This scholarship is valid for US students to study in various countries except New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Western Europe. Undergraduate students earn $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 for graduate students. NSEP Boren only provides scholarships to students at OSU Language Departments. Students will also have the opportunity to study aboard.

  • Maximus Scholarship

In the form of an annual award, Maximus gives $ 3,000 per year with a period of up to 4 years or a maximum of $ 12,000. Students who get Maximus must have criteria such as top 3% class rank, ACT 33 and SAT evidence based 1,450. These requirements are also used to extend scholarships until they graduate. This scholarship is made for undergraduate freshmen.

  • Trustees Scholarship

The requirements to get Trutees Scholarship are relatively easier. Student achievement is only necessary by being a top 20% in the class rank. The ACT must be more than 30 and the SAT Evidence-Based is 1360. The awardee will receive $ 1,000 per year for 4 years. Scholarship extension can be done the same as the initial criteria for applying the scholarship.

  • Eminence Fellows Program

This program is one of the merit awards that are part of the Ohio State program. Students will receive $ 3,000 per year and be released to post attendance for 4 years. The conditions are for students to be permanent residents, have outstanding achievements, and have completed their first year at The Ohio State University.

Students’ Service

  • Health Center

Wilce Health Center is a facility that can be used by OSU students. This facility consists of various services such as dental, vaccination, primary care, and pharmacy. Health centers can also handle emergencies. Students can use insurance as a method of payment.

  • Housing

Students can choose to live on campus. However, there are several requirements that must be met, namely undergraduate students, unmarried, first year, and full time students. The housing complex within OSU has advantages such as advisors, professional advisors, and locations that are closer to the class. The rental price depends on the complex chosen.

  • Career counseling

This service is in the form of assistance to students to be able to improve their abilities. Professional advisors will train how to communicate well for networking, interviews, and even starting your own business. Students can also ask for advice on finding the right job internship based on salary, skills, relocation, and etc.

Student’s Organization

OSU has more than 1400 organizations engaged in many fields. Students can choose the organization during the first year. But they need to do a review based on health and safety. Some categories of organizations include academic, social, sport, ethnic technologist, media and spiritual.

Now, The Ohio State University is ranked 54th for national universities ranking. Not only are majors diverse, this university also offers a variety of financial aids, diversity, and disability service. There are more than 500,000 alumni both in and out of state who have influence in various fields. One of OSU’s alumni is Larry Sanger, who founded Wikipedia.