A Quick Overview of Yale University

Yale University

Yale University is a private educational institution founded in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut. The size of the university is 345 acres. The university’s setting is a city. Yale is one of the best universities in the United States which has been proven with its excellent rankings in many different fields. Below, we have a quick overview of the university.

Yale University’s Values

Yale is unique as it is both a large research university and a small college at the same time. As such, it allows and encourages the students to not only achieve breadth but also specialization across multidiscipline. Additionally, the university also encourages students to learn the three important parts of knowledge: natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities and art.

At the university, there is a unique residential college system in which students pursue academic as well as extracurricular activities, live, eat, and socialize together. Due to this vibrant residential college system, students are able to have intimacy and cohesiveness and at the same time enjoying the resources and vibrancy of a world-class university.

Yale also emphasizes in openness, inclusivity, and contribution. The university accepts students from various ethnic, cultural, geographic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. With this diversity, the university allows the exchange of ideas among the students. The university actively contributes to the New Haven community in various fields, including recreational, cultural and political.


Yale is one of the best universities in the United States. Currently, it is ranked #1 in High School Counselor Rankings, #3 in National Universities, #4 in Best Value Schools, #21 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, and #32 in Engineering Programs for doctorate among others. All these rankings are based on a university performance on several indicators of excellence.


The application deadline is different from one university to another. For Yale, the application deadline is set at January 1 while the early action deadline is set to November 1. The application fee is $80. SAT or ACT test scores are required and are due on March 1. The university is most selective as it has 7% acceptance rate.

Academic Life

The university has 6 to 1 student to faculty ratio with the most popular majors being Engineering, Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, History, Social Sciences, and Area, Cultural and Gender Studies. The university’s average freshman retention rate (which reflects the student satisfaction towards the university) is 99%. The 4-year graduation rate is 87%.

There are three class sizes at Yale University:

  1. Class with fewer than 20 students
  2. Of all classes, 73.3% of them have fewer than 20 students attending.
  3. Class with 20 to 49 students
  4. 9 of all classes are in this category.
  5. Class with 50 or more students
  6. Only 8.8% of all classes are in this category.

Student Life

The total number of enrollment is 12,974 with 5,746 comes from undergraduate enrollment. Of these undergraduate enrollments, the gender distribution is 50% male students and 50% female students. At the university, there are over 500 active organizations which students can join and socialize with other students from various ethnic, cultural, geographic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.


At Yale, 50% of undergraduate students have some kind of financial aid based on need. The average scholarship or grant award based on need is $53,412. For the tuition, according to the latest data Yale University’s tuition and fees is $53,430 for 2018-2019 while the room and board fee is $16,000 for the same time period.

Campus Services and Safety

There are many student services provided by Yale University. These services include health service and insurance, non-remedial tutoring, placement service, and women’s center. In terms of safety services, the university has controlled dormitory access using a key, a security card or others, lighted sidewalks and pathways, 24-hour emergency telephones, 24-hour patrols, and late night transport service.