A Quick Overview of Cornell University

Cornell University

Cornell University is a private educational institution founded in 1865. It is located in Ithaca, New York. The university size is 745 acres, it has a rural setting and has a total enrollment of 23,016 students with 14,907 of them are undergraduate students. The university is among the best university in the United States. Below is the university’s quick overview.

Cornell University’s Values

The university is unique as it is considered to be the first truly American university. The reason is that the university’s founders have a practical and egalitarian vision of higher education. The university is dedicated to outreaching and public service. The mission of the university is to discover knowledge, preserve it, and disseminate it as well as producing creative work.

The university founders also want the university to be able to promote a culture of inquiry inward and outward of the Cornell community. The university also aims to enhance the lives as well as the livelihoods of its student, New York people, and other people around the world through public service.

As the university is committed to openness, inclusion, diversity, collaboration, and excellence, it attracts not only students within the Union but also students from more than 120 countries as well. In the university, these students will be able to learn from a top faculty teaching over 4,000 courses as well as participate in the cutting-edge research within the university.


Cornell University is among the best universities in the United States. The university’s latest rankings are number three in Best Colleges for Veterans, number sixteen in National Universities, and number forty-three in Best Undergraduate Teaching. These rankings are based on the performance of universities across several indicators of excellence.


The application fee at the university is $80. The application deadline varies depending on the universities. For the Cornell University, the application deadline is January 2 while the early decision deadline November 1. The SAT or ACT scores are due January 1. The university is quite selective. The student acceptance rate is only 13%.

Academic Life

At the university, the student-faculty ratio is 9:1. The most popular majors at the university are Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences, Related Sciences Business, Marketing, Management, and Support Services. The freshman retention rate of the university is 97% while the 4-year graduation rate is 85%.

The classes are divided into three categories:

  1. Classes that have fewer than 20 students

About 57.3% of all classes are in this category.

  1. Classes that have 20 to 49 students

About 24.9% of classes are in this category.

  1. Classes with 50 or more students

Only about 17.8% of classes are in this category.

Student Life

The total number of undergraduate enrollment of the university is 14,907. Of this number, 52% are female students and 48% are male students. In total and regardless of gender, 54% of the students live in housing that is owned, operated or affiliated with the university while 46% of the students live off campus.


At the university, about 47% of full-time undergraduate students receive need-based financial aid. The average number of grant award or need-based scholarship is $40,540. According to the latest data, the tuition and fees in the university are about $55,188 for 2018-2019. The room and board fee for the same time period is about $14,816.

Campus Services and Safety

Cornell University provides a lot of student services which include health service and insurance, non-remedial tutoring, daycare, placement service, and women’s center. In terms of safety, there are lighted sidewalks or pathways, 24-hour emergency telephones available, 24-hour patrols(on foot and with vehicle), late night escort service, as well as controlled dormitory access using a key, security card or others.